Winters in Oslo suck. They’re cold and wet and the snow never settles. We long for that perfect summer day, watching the fjord at Aker Brygge. Preferably in close proximity of a much deserved al fresco drink. 

Enter Albertine Bistro. A mainstay on the boardwalk of Aker Brygge. She’s been there for ages catering to frozen vikings longing for summer. After years of al fresco moments Albertine went to rehab. In came a culturally superior version, now answering to the name of Albert Bistro, more capable of mixing Aker Brygge’s buzzing atmosphere and modern lifestyle with a traditional French bistro feel and menu.

Visually speaking, the classic typographical identity underlines the gender change with a new focus towards French dining. The simple details and low-key color palette match the interior elements within the Bistro itself.

Albert Bistro StationaryAlbert Bistro Stationary