Comfort Hotel

An identity with a wisecracking voice.

Professionally unusual, Comfort Hotel are pioneers of the hospitality industry. Reinventing the traditional hotel lobby, Comfort can confidently cross ‘inventors’ off their checklist. Introducing the Barception; an inception of a bar and a reception. Yes, it’s a tongue twister. And yes, it’s a lounge meant for hanging out. Or meeting new people. Or having meetings. Bottom line, you’re more than welcome to stop by and try it out even if you're not spending the night.

35 hotels across the Scandinavian region and the Baltics, Comfort is synonymous with having unusually comfy beds. Which is the only usual thing about them. 

We wrapped an identity around their tongue-in-cheek tonality and use of on point one liners. The vibrant color makes the good energy stick out with a design that weaves fun with affordable leisure. ‘The real deal’ is a phrase that falls too short when describing these guys. They embody it. Outside of the box thinkers who explore by having fun. By design, we love that.